Fostering the Development of Traditional Crafts: Social Responsibility

Fostering the Development of Traditional Crafts: Social Responsibility


  1. Social Responsibility
  2. Support Local Artisans
  3. Local Economy and Safeguard Indigenous Knowledge

Social Responsibility

We realized that our mission as a company is tied to the extraordinary local artisans. Therefore, we are 100% committed to respecting this relationship by being a supportive partner to help preserve their unique culture. We apply part of our profits to support handipeople, an endeavor we believe will both honor handcrafting heritage and their community's economy. Taking a role like this comes with great responsibility, it needs patience, understanding, curiosity, sensitivity, and above all, a mindset that always remembers the well-being of local artisans.

Support Local Artisans

In today's industrialized world, many artisans now struggle with challenging times.Fewer young people are wiling to carry foward the handcrafting skills. By supporting our artisans, sustainable sourcing helps to preserve local cultural heritage. Through prioritizing products made by local indigenous craftspeople, businesses can help with artistic practices and craftsmanship.

Local Economy and Safeguard Indigenous Knowledge

By supporting traditional handicrafts making, we can promote fair trade and the development of the local economy. We purchase products and artworks from handipeople directly to make sure artisans receive fair payment which contributes to empowering them to keep their cultural traditions and way of life.

Traditional handicrafts embody rich indigenous knowledge. By supporting these handicrafts, we safeguard valuable indigenous knowledge to prevent it from being forgotten or abandoned in modern society.

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