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Song Brocade

Song Brocade, one of the traditional Chinese silk crafts. Song Brocade originated in the Song Dynasty(AD 960-1279).

Song Brocade has a complex production process, with warp and weft showing patterns at the same time as the main feature.

Song Brocade is extremely strict in the selection of dyes, most of which are grass-dyed, while some are mineral dyes. No matter what the dyes are, they are all hand-dyed. The silk threads are dyed according to the design of the pattern before they enter the weaving process.

The patterns of Song Brocade are exquisite, elegant, flat and bracing, and ancient. The patterns of Song Brocade are generally geometric patterns as the keel, filled with filled with flowers, plants, or various items representing auspicious symbols. In terms of color application, Song Brocade mostly uses tonal colors, and generally rarely uses contrasting colors.

With its soft and solid texture, exquisite patterns, wear-resistance and repeated washability, Song Brocade is very versatile. It is not only used for admiring Brocade, dressing Brocade, decorative Brocade for indoor use, but also for painting and calligraphy framing Brocade and so on.

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