Collection: Tea Cups

What Are the Best Cups to Have Tea?

For the best tea experience, opt for ceramic Gongfu tea cups with:

  • Ideal Size: Around 50-100ml for quick sips or 150-200ml for longer enjoyment.
  • Fine Materials: Crafted from premium ceramics, preserving tea flavors.
  • Traditional Designs: Featuring classic shapes that reflect Chinese tea culture.

How to Use Chinese Teacups Gracefully?

  1. Hold With Delicacy: Gently grip the cup's handle or sides.
  2. Sip Slowly: Savoring the flavors and taking small sips.
  3. Appreciate Craftsmanship: Admire the intricate designs and traditional artistry.
  4. Engage in Conversation: Share tea moments with friends and embrace the culture.
  5. Respectful Gestures: Raise the cup slightly when offered, showing gratitude.

How to Choose the Right Traditional Chinese Handcrafted Tea Cup?


Gongfu cups

Ceramic cups


50-100ml, quick sips

150-200ml, longer enjoyment


Vary by materials & craftsmanship

Range: tens to hundreds, suit different preferences


Kaolin & ceramic clay, preserve flavor

High-quality ceramics, better insulation


Side-handled or handle-less, emphasize character

Double-walled, hand-painted, diverse occasions


Subtle hues like white, beige

Muted to artistic tones


Light , flexible tasting

Moderate weight, substantial feel

How Do Chinese Hold Tea Cups?

  • Graceful Grip: Cradle the cup gently, using fingers for support.
  • Thumb Comfort: Let the thumb rest naturally on the cup's edge.
  • Elegant Lift: Raise the cup with poise, sipping slowly.
  • Connection to Culture: Embrace the tradition and engage in tea conversations.
  • Appreciate Craft: Admire the craftsmanship in each sip.

Chinese Tea Cups vs. Japanese Tea Cups

Chinese Tea Cups

Japanese Tea Cups


Diverse shapes, often with delicate artwork

Simplicity, clean lines, minimalism


Various sizes for different tea types

Generally smaller and more uniform


Often ceramic or porcelain, showcase artistry

Primarily ceramic, focuse on subtlety


Feature intricate patterns, cultural symbols

Emphasize harmony, nature-inspired motifs


Suited for Gongfu-style tea ceremonies

Used for Japanese tea ceremonies like Matcha


Rich in history, reflect regional traditions

Zen-like, embody Japanese aesthetics