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What Is a Tea Pet?

A tea pet is a small clay figurine that accompanies traditional Chinese gongfu tea ceremonies. Shaped like animals, people, or mythical creatures, these petite statues are placed on the tea tray during brewing sessions. Tea pets are made from special Yixing clay that absorbs traces of tea over time, bringing the figurine to "life" as it stains the color.

What Is a Tea Pet Used For?

Tea pets serve both functional and decorative purposes in tea culture. Functionally, they can be poured over with tea to awaken their luster. The petite size allows the tea to drain quickly. Decoratively, tea pets add a lovely focal point to the tea session and can represent spiritual motifs like prosperity or luck. Their evolving patina becomes a memory of the hundreds of teas they've accompanied.

How Do Tea Pets Change Color?

Tea pets transform color for a few reasons. Firstly, the porous Yixing clay naturally absorbs liquids like tea, trapping pigments and tannins on its surface. Secondly, skilled craftsmen intentionally bake the clay at high and low temperatures to create layers that attract different stain colors. Finally, various tea types like black, green, white, or pu-erh will impart slightly different hues. Over many repeated tea sessions, the patina gradually develops into mottled, organic patterns.

How to Clean Tea Pets?

  • Rinse with hot water before and after use to keep pores clean
  • Allow staining in normal use; do not scrub the surface
  • Gently wipe with a soft cloth between tea sessions
  • Use mild, odorless soap if cleaning is needed
  • Avoid soaking for long periods
  • Always place on a tray or saucer, not directly on the table

Tea pets are charming companions that develop their personalities over time. Adopt one today to enhance your tea experience!