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What Is a Tea Tray?

The function of the tea tray is to hold teapots, cups, and other tea accessories for easy transport from one place to another. Tea trays are typically flat with short edges to prevent spilling. The tea tray can also be used to catch any overflow of water or water discarded in the process of brewing tea:

  • Flat with short edges to prevent spilling
  • Often made of metal, wood, or bamboo
  • May have decorative engravings or designs
  • Comes in various shapes like rectangle, square, oval
  • Larger than a saucer but smaller than a serving tray

How Is It Different From a Fruit Bowl?

A fruit bowl is a bowl specifically designed for holding and serving fruit. The key differences from a tea tray:

  • A fruit bowl is an open, curved bowl rather than a flat tray.
  • It is typically made of ceramic, glass, or wood.
  • The shape is optimized for holding loose, irregularly shaped fruit rather than flat-bottomed tea cups.
  • Generally smaller and intended for holding one type of food (fruit) rather than a tea set.
  • Used for displaying and serving fruit rather than transporting items.

In summary, a tea tray is flat and used for transporting a tea set, while a fruit bowl is a curved open bowl meant for displaying and serving fruit. The shape, material, and intended uses differ between the two.

What Are the Typical Materials Used for Tea Trays?


Characteristics and Advantages


Exquisite and elegant, e.g., tea trays made from copper, silver, and brass; excellent heat conductivity; impressive heat retention.


Tea trays crafted from hardwoods, coconut wood, etc., evoke a sense of natural simplicity, customizable into various shapes.


Eco-friendly and durable bamboo tea trays; appealing textured aesthetics; budget-friendly.


Glass tea trays showcasing tea utensil colors; potential limitations in practicality.


Natural stone tea trays, like those from Taiwanese stone, offer tactile substance and artistic appeal.

Metal and Wood

A harmonious fusion of utility and aesthetics.


Handcrafted ceramic tea trays with unique characteristics and personalities.