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For wholesale questions, you can send an E-mail to admin@gloriouscollection.com


If you're looking for new products for your project or a gift for your employees or partners, Glorious Collection has something for everyone!

Based on the MSRP on the product page of the our website, we provide the following three bulk price ranges for different purchase quantities:


10%-20% OFF for 10-49 Pics

20%-30% OFF for 50-100 Pics

30%-40% OFF for 100+ Pics


Delivery: Express : 10-20 working days. Note: It will take us several days to process your order before shipment.

Processing: It usually takes 1-5 working days to process orders. If your order is large, expect it to take longer.

Loyalty: It's easy to get. Wholesalers who make more successful purchases on the site will receive higher discounts at each order level.

Contact us: For wholesale inquiries, please email us. Contact us: admin@gloriouscollection.com


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Terms & Conditions

1. Corporate purchase discounts are based on the MSRP on the product page of the Glorious Clorious Collection website. There will be a discount range for different purchase quantities. Please fill out the form to inquire about group purchase discounts for specific products.

2. Glorious Collection Cooperation Program does not authorize any resale.

3. Glorious Collection reserves the right of the Corporate Purchase Program, in its sole discretion, to interpret, amend, or terminate any terms of this program.