Discover beautiful handmade gift for everyone

Preserve the vanishing oriental handiwork

Support and promote local artisans

Help local artisans to keep their traditions and way of life

"Our products not only encapsulate age-old handcrafting skills and aesthetics, but also the spirit and sentiments of every artisan"

-Discover beautiful handmade gift for everyone-



Handbags & Purses

  • Different aesthetic experience

    We work with over 100 artisans across 20 different ethnic minorities. Glorious Collection provides customers with a visual feast of oriental minority aesthetic experience. Our handiwork range from traditional tea set, embroidery bags, Tibetan Silver, Mala beads, Thangka, The Miao Silver,to different jewelry with traditional and cultural designs.

  • Mission

    In today’s industrialized world, many artisans now struggle with challenging times.By supporting our artisans, sustainable sourcing helps to preserve local cultural heritage. Through prioritizing products made by local indigenous craftspeople, businesses can help with artistic practices and craftsmanship.

  • Social responsibilities

    We apply a portion of our profits to support our artisans, an endeavor we believe will honor both handcrafting heritage and the economy.Sustainable sourcing takes working with indigenous groups and respectfully understanding about their traditional culture to ensure the ethical sourcing of products. This support helps artisans to continue their crafting work and carry forward their cultural traditions to future generations.

The Story

Thousands of years ago in the Tang Dynasty, skilled artisans gathered in Chang’an, drawing talents from across the globe to exchange their craftsmanship. Oriental handiwork embodied emotions, nostalgia, beauty, and diverse cultural influences from every artisan.

Customized products

Our Values

We are resolute in preserving the essence of traditional oriental beauty. We realized that our mission as a company is tied to the extraordinary local artisans. Therefore, we are 100% committed to respecting this relationship by being a supportive partner to help preserve their unique culture.

Our Values

Social Responsibilities

Industrialization and economic pressures have made oriental culture of craftsmanship vulnerable to extinction. We apply part of our profits to help local artisans pass on the intricate handcrafting skills to future generations.

Social responsibilities