Our expectations for creating this site

Infected by oriental culture, we were inspired to set up this website, we travel around, communicate and cooperate closely with skilled traditional craftsmen, specializing in different art fields, from handmade ceramics and porcelain to embroidery, tanga, paper cutting, clay sculpture, etc. . We want to share their heritage and craftsmanship with the world.

Oriental handicraft culture refers to various traditional handicraft techniques and cultural inheritance in the eastern region of Asia. The oriental handicraft culture has a long history and is diverse and rich. It condenses the wisdom and creativity of the people of the oriental countries and reflects their lifestyles, aesthetic concepts and values.

The following are some representative oriental handicraft cultures:

Chinese ceramic art: Chinese ceramic art has a long history and is famous for its porcelain production. From ancient bronzes, painted pottery of the Han Dynasty to blue and white porcelain and famille rose porcelain of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Chinese ceramics are exquisite and unique.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony: The Japanese Tea Ceremony is an art form that seeks inner peace and spirituality, focusing on the delicacy and harmony of tea utensils, tea utensils and etiquette. It reflects the Japanese pursuit of nature, simplicity and peace.

Textile and Fabric Arts in India: India is known for its colorful textile and fabric arts. Indian handmade fabrics include silks, cottons, and wools, often embellished with intricate patterns and detailed embroidery.

Korean porcelain and court crafts: Korean porcelain production technology also plays an important role in the East. Korea's court crafts such as court paintings and court ceramics also demonstrated exquisite handicraft technology and artistic level.

Thai Carvings and Handicrafts: Thailand is famous for its exquisite carvings and handicrafts, including Buddha statues, wood carvings, ivory carvings and more. These works of art showcase the religious beliefs and cultural traditions of the Thai people.

In addition to the countries mentioned above, there are many other countries and regions in the Eastern region, such as Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc., which have unique and exquisite handicraft culture.

Oriental handicraft culture not only has artistic value, but also carries people's historical memory and cultural inheritance. They reflect the wisdom, aesthetic pursuit and life attitude of the oriental people, and also make important contributions to the diversity of world cultural heritage.